The Vanilla's Soundtrack

Being in love involves lots of sweet dreams and attitudes as a way to keep you always above the clouds because you feel so light that your on weight challenges gravity. All the emotions find a way to show up just to remember and emphasize the love's tasteness. I've been emotional lately and constantly thinking about my Gingerbread man. So I decided to create a playlist with songs that, somehow, remind me about him or his sweetness. Check it out all the tracks of my spicy love story below:

01 - Drunk On Love - Rihanna

This is one of my favourites songs lately. Weeks ago I was listening to Rihanna's album Talk That Talk and this particular track caught me up because of the dramatic melody and beautiful lyrics. "I feel like I'm a hopeless romantic / I can't help falling in love / I fiend for love / I want it, I crave it / I just can't get enough / Take me away / I wear my heart on my sleeve / Always let love take the lead / I may be a little naive".

02 - Um Anjo Veio Me Falar (Angel In My Heart) - Rouge

The Brazilian pop group Rouge has a lot of amazing songs, but this one speaks everything I feel about the relantionship. "Todo amor que eu sempre procurei (All the love that I've always looked for) / Você veio me mostrar (You came to show me up) / Eu sei, você é o meu anjo (I know you are my angel) / O amor que eu sempre sonhei (The love I always dreamed of)".

03 - Porque - Floribella

It's from a child soap opera soundtrack, but the singer wonders herself: "Por que quando eu te vejo a minha voz se cala? (Why do I get speechless when I see you?) / Por que tudo é distante e sem você não há mais nada? (Why is everything distant and there is nothing else without you?)".

04 - Príncipe Encantado - Xuxa

I really love this song! It's from a Brazilian child singer again and the lyrics says exactly what I expect for me, a prince charming: "Eu quero ter alguém comigo (I wanna have someone by my side) / Um grande amor, um grande amigo (A big love, a big friend) / E que me diga tudo que eu sempre quis ouvir (Also who says everything I always wanted to hear from)".

05 - Back At One (Portuguese Version) - Brian McKnight feat. Ivete Sangalo

A beautiful duet sang in English and Brazilian Portuguese. "Say farewell to the dark night / I see the coming of the sun / Eu quero estar ao seu lado baby (I wanna be by your side, baby) / Pra recomeçar (To start over) / You came and bring the new life / Into this lonely heart of mine / Vou seguir feliz (I will gladly go on) / Just in the nick of time".

06 - Não Dá Pra Resistir (Irresistable) - Rouge

Another Rouge's song. I totally agree with the music. "Eu não quero confessar (I don't want to confess you) / Eu sei, não quero me entregar tão fácil (I know I don't want to give in so easily) / Mas você chega devagar com esse jeito de me olhar bem fundo (But you arrive slowly with that way of looking at me so deeply) / E a minha timidez vai embora, eu sei (And my shyness goes away, I know)."

07 - Anything - JoJo

Yes, I can and will do anything for him! "Cause I just can't stay away / There's nothing that I can do / And baby you can have your way / Just as long as I can have you".

08 - I Could Fall In Love - Selena

La Reina sings just what I feel: "I can only wonder how touching you would make me feel / But if I take that chance right now, tomorrow will you want me still? (baby, do you want me?)".

09 - Como Um Beijo em Noite de Luar (Rush Rush) - Eliana

Brazilian Portuguese version of Rush Rush (Paula Abdul) performed by the queen of my life Eliana (sorry to make you read the forbidden name but you must to get used to, baby). "Você sabe me fazer sonhar (You know how to make me dream/ Como um beijo em noite de luar (like a kiss in the moonlight night) / Eu te sinto dentro de mim (I feel you inside me) / É uma história que eu quero viver (It's a story that I wanna live) / Dar amor, ter amor pro sonho acontecer (Give love, have love to make dream come true)".

10 - E Assim Será - Floribella

When our love dream came true. "O amor que esperei tanto tempo (The love I have been waiting for so long) / Encontrei quando te vi (I found it when I saw you) / O amor que sonhei tanto tempo está aqui (The love I have been dreaming of it's right here)".

11 - Mania de Você - Rita Lee 

To fall in love is amazing, but to make love is good as much. "A gente faz amor por telepatia (We make love by telepathy) / No chão, no mar, na lua, na melodia (In the floor, in the sea, in the moon, in the melody)".

12 - The Boy Is Mine - Brandy feat. Monica

I don't like competions about a man but when it happens I make it very clear that I am not here to lose. "You need to give it up / Had about enough / It's not hard to see / The boy is mine / I'm sorry that you / Seem to be confused / He belongs to me / The boy is mine".

13 - Diamonds - Rihanna

I see emotions. And love seems like a diamond in the sky. It glows, sparkles and reflects the love colors. "So shine bright / Tonight, you and I / We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky / Eye to eye, so alive / We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky".

14 - Taking Chances - Céline Dion

It's funny how this song of his favourite singer says a lot about us. "What do you say to taking chances? / What do you say to jumping off the edge? / Never knowing if there's solid ground below / Or a hand to hold, or hell to pay / What do you say?".

15 - Sálvame - RBD

Love hurts. It's about that. "Me propongo tanto continuar (I propose myself so much to go on) / Pero amor es la palabra (But love is the word) / Que me cuesta a veces olvidar (That it costs me sometimes to forget) / Sobrevivo por pura ansiedad (I survive out of sheer anxiety) / Con el nudo en la garganta (With the lump in my throat) / Y es que no te dejo de pensar (And I can't stop thinking of you)".

16 - Get Together - Madonna

My favourite song from Madonna and it's about how love can be a mystery but also so incredible. "Do you believe I can make you feel better? / Too much confusion, come over here / Can we get together? / I really wanna be with you".

17 - Miles Away - Madonna

This one makes me cry. I sent him a homemade video for his birthday and used this song as we are so far away. "I'm alright / Don't be sorry, but it's true / When I'm gone you realize / That I'm the best thing that happened to you".

18 - Forbidden Love - Madonna 

We live in different societies and I'm sure we will effort a few challenges. Let's go get them! "Just one smile on your face / Was all it took to change my fortune / Just one word from your mouth / Was all I needed to be certain".

19 - You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson

I had a strange feeling once. I could hear a voice inside my head saying that I should send to him this song. It was more than intuiton, it was like a supernatural request. He loved it. "You are not alone / I am here with you / Though you're far away / I am here to stay".

20 - Speechless - Michael Jackson 

Everytime we are talking by video call sometimes I just stare at him in silence. This song says just what I feel. "Your love is magical, that's how I feel / But I have not the words here to explain / Gone is the grace for expressions of passion / But there are worlds and worlds of ways to explain / To tell you how I feel / But I am speechless".

21 - Bola de Cristal - Eliana

Even with the care, the calls and words and gaze... I wonder why he choosed me. "Não tenho bola de cristal (I don't have a crystal ball) / Pra saber se você gosta um pouco de mim (To know if you like a little of me) / Não sou ninguém em especial (I ain't nobody special) / Não sei prever futuro ou qualquer coisa assim (I can't predect the future of something like that)"

22 - Cor de Amora - Eliana

It's definetly a song that I might love to sing to him. "Quando uma pessoa chega assim agora (When a person arrives like this) / Bem na nossa frente (Right in front of us) / E nos faz contente (And makes us happy) / Dá uma coisa boa (It gives a good thing) / E a pele cora (And the skin blushes) / Fica meio quente de dentro pra fora (It gets kind of hot from the inside out) / Fica cor de amora (It turns blackberry color) / E se de repente ela vai embora (And if all of a sudden it goes away) / E na mesma hora parece que dá uma dor (And at the same time it seems to be in painful) / Fica descansado, não é nada errado (Rest assured, nothing is wrong) / Você simplesmente já sabe o que é o amor (You just already know what love is)".

23 - In The Pictures - Raven-Symoné

It's a beautiful song about pictures and photobook and how we can travel into the visual memories. Well... I just got a Memory Book from him to fill it up with our moments. Fair enough, right? "It's all there in the pictures / All the faces, all the places / My gentle memories / It's all there"

24 - Cúmbia do Amor - Banda Calypso

A Brazilian rythm to dance and demonstrate how big can be our love. "O meu coração, cheio de paixão (My heart, full of passion) / Grita seu nome onde quer que eu vá (Shout out your name wherever I go) / Sonho com você, choro por você (I dream of you, I cry for you) / Porque eu nasci pra viver com você (Because I was born to live with you)".

25 - Príncipe Encantado - Banda Calypso

If I already miss him after a video call, I'm pretty sure that I'll suffer when I back from London. "Volta logo príncipe encantado (Back soon prince charming) / Não deixa essa saudade me matar (Don't let me miss you) / Longe de você eu fico louca (Away from you, I go crazy).

26 - Don't Fade Away - Milla Jovovich

The Divine Comedy is a masterpiece from Milla Jovovich and this song is quit beautiful lyrics about the lost. "Hello sunshine / Please don't fade away / See our genius / Warp what we created".

27 - Amor Prohibido - Selena

Ah, those gossip people. Let's fight against the world. "Aunque soy pobre todo esto que te doy (Although I'm poor, all this I give you) / Vale más que el dinero porque sí es amor (It is worth more than money because this is love) / Y cuando al fin estemos juntos, los dos (And when at last we are together, the two of us) / No importa qué dirá también la sociedad (It doesn't matter what society will say)/ Aquí sólo importa nuestro amor, te quiero (All that only matters here it's our love, I love you)".

28 - Bidi Bidi Bom Bom - Selena

My heart beats fast. That's it. "Y se emociona (And it gets excited) / Ya no razona (With no longer reasons) / No lo puedo controlar (I can't control it) / Bidi bidi bom bom". 

29 - Dreaming of You - Selena

My nights are just like this song. "Late at night when all the world is sleeping / I stay up and think of you / And I wish on a star / That somewhere you are / Thinking of me too".

30 - Gringo Lindo - Banda Calypso

Xuxa once said: "There is no man in Brazil for me". I agree. "Gringo lindo, loiro, louco de amor pra dar (Beautiful, blond, crazy gringo full with love to give in) / No verão que vem de novo eu quero te encontrar (Next summer I want to meet you again) / Gringo lindo, loiro, louco de amor pra dar (Beautiful, blond, crazy gringo full with love to give in) / Minha vida inteira eu quero te entregar (My whole life I want to give you)".

31 - Dança nas Estrelas - Xuxa

I will do anything for this meeting. "Num tapete mágico (On a magic carpet) / Viajo pelo ar (I travel by air) / Danço entre as estrelas (Dance among the stars) / Procurando te encontrar (Looking to find you)".

32 - Sonho Tropical (Give a Little Love) - Eliana

I live in a tropical country and expect to meet him on the summertimer (but I prefer the rain). "É um sonho tropical (It's a tropical dream) / Muitas flores e perfumes (Many flowers and perfumes) / Rola um clima tão legal (There's such a cool vibe) / Eu e você (You and me) / Falta só você saber (You just need to know) / Que eu tenho sonhado tanto (I've been dreaming so much) / E preciso te dizer (And I need to tell you) / Amo você! (I love you!)".

33 - Amigo Especial - Eliana

We didn't officialize nothing yet, but he's my special friend for sure. "O amor é mesmo assim (Love is like that) / Feito sorriso de criança que nunca vai crescer (Like a child's smile that will never grow) / O amor quero pra mim (The love I want for me) / Você é música, é dança, um anjo surreal (You are music, you are dance, a surreal angel) / Você é meu amigo especial (You are my special friend)".

34 - Álbum de Recordação - Eliana

My Memories Book is my little treasure. "Vou confessar no álbum (I'll confess on the book) / Toda essa grande paixão (All this great passion) / Meu segredo está no álbum (My secret is in the book) / Meu álbum de recordação (My memories book)".

35 - Um Mundo Ideal (A Whole New World) - Eliana feat. Alexandre Pires

Classic song from Alladin, but of course it sounds better on the Eliana's voice. No need for lyrics.

36 - Um Dia de Sol - Eliana

God knows how I wanna walk in the sandbeach holding my prince's hand and singing this song. "As horas passam (Hours go by) / Os dias se vão (The days are gone) / E tudo que a gente quer (And everything we want) / É ser feliz (It's to be happy)/ Se eu não te vejo (If I don't see you) / Me sinto tão só (I feel so lonely) / E junto somos tudo que eu sempre quis (And together we are everything I ever wanted)".

37 - No Angel - Beyoncé

Yes, we are each other angels, but we aren't flawless. "Underneath that pretty face is somethin' complicated / I come with a side a trouble / But I know that's why you're stayin' / Because you're no angel either, baby".

38 - Crazy in Love - Beyoncé

I'm crazy, I'm in love and I'm crazy in love. Sue me! "Such a funny thing for me to try to explain / How I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blame / 'Cause I know I don't understand / Just how your love can do what no one else can".

39 - Halo - Beyoncé

My Gingerbread light up my world with his halo, so I glow like the stars because my own halo is strong too. "I found a way to let you in / But I never really had a doubt / Standing in the light of your halo / I got my angel now".

40 - Perfect Duet - Ed Sheeran feat. Beyoncé 

Well, well well... what is love if not a perfect match? "Well I found a man, stronger than anyone I know / He shares my dreams, I hope that someday we'll share a home / I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets / To carry love, to carry children of our own".

41 - O Que Passou, Já Passou - Eliana 

It's the hymn of my life. I mean it! "E quando chegar o meu amor (And when my lover arrives) / Eu vou aonde for só pra poder te amar (I will go anywhere just to love him) / Faço tudo o que o meu coração me diz (I do everything my heart speaks) / Não me importa nada agora (Nothing else matter) / Eu quero mais é ser feliz (I just wanna be happy)".

42 - Eu Quero Fugir (Runaway) - Rouge

My current feeling is to run away with my prince charming and start a new life. "Diz pra mim que não pode me esquecer (Tell me that you can't forget me) / E que pensa em mim o quanto eu penso em você (And that you think of me as the same I think of you) / Eu quero fugir com você (I wanna runaway with you)".

42 - Quero Estar Com Você (I Wanna Be There) - Rouge

I am not a superhero but I could share my strengh to him and never let him down. "Quando nada vai tão bem (When nothing looks working well) / Você pensa em desistir (You think to give up) / Quando ninguém te entender (When nobody understand you) / Eu quero chegar, levando a sorte pra te dar (I wanna arrive bringing lucky to give it to you)".

43 - Hoje Eu Sei (Just Another Day) - Rouge

Now I know how important you are. I do. "Hoje eu sei (Now I know) / Tudo mudou (Everything has changed) / O que eu sinto por você (What I feel for you) / Não dá mais pra esconder, não vou esconder (I can't hide it anymore, I won't hide it) / Podia ser assim (It could be like this) / Um filme com final feliz (A movie with a happy ending) / É só você olhar pra mim (When you look at me is enough) / E ver que quero você, eu quero você (And realize that I want you, I do)".

44 - Como Se Fosse a Primeira Vez - Rouge

This song is so simple but beautiful... And I feel like that. "Eu imagino a gente sem querer (I imagine us even when I don't expect to) / E me arrepio só com seu talvez (And got shivers just with your maybe) / Eu já não durmo pensando em você (I can't stop sleep thinking of you) / Como se fosse a primeira vez (Like it was the first time) / E só agora que deu pra entender (Only now I could understand) / Olha a falta que esse amor me fez (Look how I missed this love) / Eu me apaixonei sem perceber (Didn't realize I fell in love) / Como se fosse a primeira vez (Like it was thefirst time)".

45 - Você é o Cara - Kelly Key

Oh yes, baby! Well... I hope so. "Tá difícil de encontrar (It's hard to find) / Hoje em dia igual a ti (Someone like you nowdays) / Considere-se a pessoa mais linda do mundo (Consider yourself the most beautiful person in the world) / O sorriso mais lindo - Você é o cara (The prettiest smile - you are the one) / O olhar mais sincero - Você é o cara (The most sincerest gaze - You are the one) / O meu porto seguro - Você é o cara (My safe haven - You are the one) / A pessoa mais linda do mundo (The most beautiful person in the world) / Você, você, você é o cara (You, you, you are the one) / A pessoa mais linda do mundo (The most beautiful person in the world)".

46 - Beijo Molhado (Strawberry Kisses) - Rouge 

Hmmm... I wanna kiss him forever. "Eu quero tanto seu beijo molhado (I want so badly your wet kiss) / Seus lábios de mel que me deixaram louca (Your sweet honey lips that drive me crazy) / Eu vou te dar um beijo molhado (I will give you a wet kiss) / Eu sei que vou trazer você pra mim (I know I will bring you to me)".

47 - Sem Temer - Rouge 

Making love all night long, no fears. "Se eu digo que te quero (If I say that I want you) / Coração que bate na velocidade (My heart beats faster) / Chamo o seu corpo pra chegar mais perto (Call your body closer to mine) / Vendo madrugar as luzes da cidade (Watching the lights of the city in the twilight) / Horas que eu não vejo nada (It has been hours that I don't see anything else) / Além do sorriso que você me lança (Than the smile you throw to me) / Mesmo se essa história não levar em nada (Even if this story does not take anywhere) / Vai ficar pra sempre na nossa lembrança (It will stay forever in our memory)".

48 - Blow - Beyoncé 

And speaking about making love... "I kiss you when you lick your lips / You like it wet and so do I / No you never waste a drip / I wonder how it feels sometimes / (Must be good to you)".

49 - 1+1 - Beyoncé 

But let's be honest, I'm not that naughty. "Make love to me / When my days look low / Pull me in close and don't let me go / Make love to me / So when the world's at war / Let our love heal us all / Right now, baby / Make love to me, me, me, me...".

50 - K.O. - Pabllo Vittar

True. I was not expecting so much, but he hit me hard. "Seu amor me pegou (Your love caught me) / Cê bateu tão forte com o teu amor (You hit so hard with your love) / Nocauteou, me tonteou (Knocked out, dizzy me) / Veio à tona, fui à lona (It surfaced, I went to the canvas) / Foi K.O. (It was K.O.)".

51 - Ao Seu Lado - RBD

Love is supporting each other and I'm too sensitive for that thing. "Num cantinho de algum beijo (In the piece of some kiss) / No limite dos seus lábios (In the edge of yours lips) / Deixa-me viver sempre ao seu lado (Let me always live by your side) / Na lembrança de um suspiro (In the memory of one gasp) / No calor de um abraço (In the heat of one hug) / Deixa-me viver sempre ao seu lado (Let me always live by your side)".

52 - Atrás de Mim - RBD

I listened to this song when I went to London and expect to listen it again soon. "Tenho nós pela garganta (I have knots in my throat) / Tenho um mapa que me leva a outro país (I have a map that leads me to another country) / Pouca coisa, quase nada (I have just a little, almost nothing) / Uma história (One story) / E a vontade de ser quem eu quis (And the wish of to be who I always wanted to) / Abrir as asas para poder voar em fim (Spreading the wings to finally fly) / Então ser livre e viver (Than be free and live) / Longe daqui, longe daqui! (Away from here, away from here!)".

53 - Enséñame - RBD

I'm still learning how love, so teach me! "Por eso voy a aprender, voy a vivir (That's why I'm gonna learn, gonna live) / Voy a abrazarte más y más (I will hug you more and more) / Y no quiero, y no debo y no puedo dejar de verte (And I don't want, and I mustn't and I can't stop seeing you)".

54 - Um Pouco Desse Amor - RBD 

I ask him just one thing... A little bit of this love. "Eu sei bem que sou (I really know that I am) / Um amigo a mais entre um milhão (Just one friend between a million more) / E nada mais que um fã de coração (And nothing more than a huge fan) / Que nunca para de sonhar, cada dia mais (That will never stop dreaming) / Mas eu sei também que entre a multidão (But I also know that in the middle of the crow) / Alguma vez você vai ver a luz brilhar em mim (Someday you will see the spotlight shining over me) / Pra me reconhecer, aí você vai ver (To recognize me, you will see)".

55 - Video Phone - Beyoncé feat. Lady Gaga

Let's just enjoy the song, hehe. "You like it when I shake it? / Shawty on a mission, what yo name is? / What, you want me naked? / If you likin' this position you can tape it on your video phone"

56 - Me Dar - RBD 

Give me a little of you that I give you little more of me. "Em seus lábios há palavras (In your lips there are words) / Que deslizam pela alma (That slip through my soul) / E em seus olhos azuis, como um raio de luz (And in your blue eyes, like a ray of light) / Quase como um carma (Almost like a karma)".

57 - Young Forever - Jay Z feat. Beyoncé 

Let's enjoy the moment and live forever! "Fear not when, fear not why / Fear not much while were alive / Life is for living not living up tight / See ya somewhere up in the sky / Fear not die, I'll be alive for a million years, bye bye / So not for legends, I'm forever young / My name shall survive".

58 - SUMMER - The Carters

Another song about feeling love, heat and watch the sea. It's peaceful. "Let's make love in the summertime, yeah / On the sands, beach sands, make plans / To be in each other's arms, yeah / Let it breathe, let it breathe / I wanna drown in the depth of you / When the water's so blue (so blue, so blue)".

59 - All Night - Beyoncé 

Forgiveness is love, at least to this song. I don't know if I am mature enough to forgive for everything, but I think about it "They say true love's the greatest weapon / To win the war caused by pain (pain) / But every diamond has imperfections / But my love's too pure to watch it chip away / Oh, nothing real can be threatened / True love breathes salvation back into me / With every tear came redemption / And my torturer became a remedy".

60 - Fly - Nicki Minaj feat. Rihanna

The message of this song is amazing! "I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive / I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise / To fly".

61 - Lightwheight - Demi Lovato 

I'm too much sensitive and afraid to someone hurts me. So I build my walls to protect myself. "Light on my heart, light on my feet / Light in your eyes, I can't even speak / Do you even know how you make me weak? / I'm a lightweight, better be careful what you say / With every word I'm blown away / You're in control of my heart / I'm a lightweight, easy to fall, easy to break / With every move my whole world shakes / Keep me from fallin' apart".

62 - Fix a Heart - Demi Lovato 

How long will take my fears? "Baby, I just ran out of band-aids / I don't even know where to start / 'Cause you can't bandage the damage / You never really can fix a heart".

63 - Heart Attack - Demi Lovato 

It seems I'm too scared, isn't? "Putting my defenses up / 'Cause I don't wanna fall in love / If I ever did that / I think I'd have a heart attack".

64 - Moment 4 Life - Nicki Minaj feat. Drake

I'm totally enjoying this moment with him and I want so much more. "I wish that I could have this moment for life, for life, for life / Cuz in this moment I just feel so alive, alive, alive / I wish that I could have this moment for life, for life, for life / This is my moment I just feel so alive, alive, alive".

65 - Unbroken - Demi Lovato 

I have lots of scars but I feel ready to reborn like a fenix and love again with no broken hearts. "No need for me to run, run, run / You're making me believe in everything / No need to go and hide, hide, hide / Gonna give you every little piece of me / I'm gonna love you like I've never been broken".

66 - Something Kinda Funny - Spice Girls 

Let's take the risk, enjoy the trip and have fun. Amen? I have to stop holding myself. "Wherever you're going, high or low / Remember to sure enjoy the show / So climb aboard my journey deep inside / Better late than dead on time".

67 - 2 Become 1 - Spice Girls 

I always say that I do not have sex but make love. Oh, and this is my favourite song ever! "Candle light and soul forever / A dream of you and me together / Say you believe it, say you believe it / Free your mind of doubt and danger / Be for real don't be a stranger / We can achieve it, we can achieve it".

68 - Holler - Spice Girls 

Although I make love it's good to explore sensuality. I can be naughty, baby! "So what you gonna do / Now that I've got you with me / You've gotta show me boy / Cause nothing comes for free / Start from the bottom and / Work your way up slowly / Don't be afraid to play my game".

69 - Viva Forever - Spice Girls 

In the end, life is about legacy, memories, love. "Do you still remember / How we used to be? / Feeling together / Believing in whatever my love has said to me / Both of us were dreamers / Young love in the sun / Felt like my saviour, my spirit I gave you / We'd only just begun / Hasta mañana, always be mine".

70 - Walk of Life - Spice Girls 

My eternal London is life! "The sun is risin' but we haven't slept / I'm not ready to rest my head yet / Huddle clost till you get no air / See the crew down Leicester Square / Pup-crawlers more than you / People watchin' - is it you ? / Jump the bus and sack hoppin' / London Town is still buzzin' / Oh it's really buizzin', yeah".

71 - Lionheart - Demi Lovato 

Love is duality; it's good and bad, light and dark, pleasent and painful. "You're here like a silhouette / When the darkness rules / You're the brightest moon / And I am safe / The story binds us / Like right and wrong / Your hand in mine / Marching to the beat of the storm".

72 - Adore You - Miley Cyrus

I love to see different but also similar views of love. "Baby, baby, are you listening? / Wondering where you've been all my life / I just started living Ooh, baby are you listening? / When you say you love me / Know I love you more / When you say you need me / Know I need you more / Boy, I adore you".

73 - Anti-Love Song - Raven-Symoné 

No, I'm not anti-love and don't expect to break my heart again. I put this song only because I LOVE the beat, the melody, Raven's voice and the lyrics. But if something bad happens I will avoid to speak about it. "Don't wanna talk about how / He broke my heart / Don't wanna talk about how / We fell apart / So many other things I've / Experienced / Don't wanna make this a love song".

73 - Maybe - Emma Bunton

Am I in love? Hm... maybe. "Love isn't funny / When it is burning inside / When all you think of / Is how to get through the night / And when you want it / It's just a game that you play / And when you get it / They're gonna take it away / Maybe it's nothing / Maybe it's all just in my mind / Maybe I'm foolish / Maybe it's just a waste of time / But I don't think so / Maybe I definately know / That maybe / Maybe I'm in love".

I still have a few more songs which I couldn't add to my playlist. The fact is that I have gotten butterflies in my stomach and fever in my heart. Even with so many beautiful emotions I'm afraid of that because it looks like an avalanche coming faster from my surroundings. I never went so far in my life before. May the rainbow be my path under clouds so I can back safely. Happy Valentine's Day!

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